The first 2020 AssociationE Zenzero center will be in Ghana, and more precisely in Adoagyere, 30 km from the capital Accra.


The importance of this center is extraordinary: in fact, it will be concrete proof of the evolution of the "Zenzero Model" because it will be equipped with a shredder, a machine that will allow the reduction of bottles directly into PET flakes.

A great advantage for the economy of the center which, in this way, will bring even more benefits to the territory and to the communities.

In the first phase, there will be 20 women who will be hired at the center, with the aim of involving more and more when the regime is achieved.


The impact on the territory will be equally important because the commitment of Associazione Zenzero will be aimed at education, with the creation of the village school for all children.


Continue to support us also in this new center: give generously!

Associazione Zenzero

CHE ‑ 471 . 271 . 649


+41 91 985 2750

SVIZZERA: Via Calprino 18, 6900 Pradiso 

COMO: Piazza Roma 1 - 22100

TORINO: Corso G. Sommellier 21 - 10128

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