Why Addis Abeba?

Billions of plastic bottles have invaded the African continent. Disposal is virtually non-existent, crops fail to grow and many animals die suffocated.

The massive urbanization that took place in Ethiopia, and the change in consumption styles, led to a huge increase in solid urban waste, especially in the Capital Addis Ababa. Plastic is a huge problem: in rural areas it ends up on roads, in sewers and in rivers.


Farmers and breeders suffer incalculable damages due to the failure to collect plastic waste.


90% of the plastic does not reach the landfill and is abandoned on the streets or burned in collective bonfires. Ethiopia is a rapidly growing country, with a glorious past and a future of hope.

Based above all on the strength of the female population, which is reversing millennia of submission.


In Ethiopia, women constitute the true soul of society.


The first center entirely financed by the Zenzero Association was founded 30 km from the capital Addis Ababa.


The center manager, Gennet Hawas Dorie, is a strong and enterprising woman who is pursuing the business with commitment and determination.


Legetafo is constantly growing and Gennet is already beginning to repay the initial loan we have granted.

In numbers:


  • 40 women employed

  • 4 operating pressing machines


  • 100 bales produced on average every day


280 km from the capital Addis Ababa Cifa Ong has created the Hawassa center which currently has 136 operators, of which 30 are women employed in the pressing center.


From January 2019, through a consolidated partnership, Associazione Zenzero becomes Co-donor, in projects 100% plastic.


In numbers


  • 136 Operators of which 30 employed in the center

  • 1 Press machines in operation

  • 280 tons of PET collected in 20 months of activity equivalent to 7 million plastic bottles

Associazione Zenzero

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