November 8th, 2019 


The charity night was held in favor of Associazione Zenzero with the great goal of creating the first plastic collection and recycling center in Haiti in 2020: a great and strong sign of rebirth for this country, next to the 10th anniversary of the devastating earthquake that destroyed the island.

It is with this desire that the evening “There’s no planet b” gathered friends and supporters of the Zenzero Association in a frame of full sustainability: the green corner invited the participants to be photographed declaring their commitment to the environment; the two dancers staged the struggle between plastic pollution and nature and the whole location has flourished as a corner of the forest that gave guests oxygen and vitality. It was truly a special evening, enriched by the presence of Enrica Mannari, an eclectic illustrator who donated a live artistic performance by drawing a naturalistic scene on the interior window of the Palace Cafe.

Our commitment will continue with more and more force, knowing that it can bring work, hope and joy, for a more sustainable world in a harmony between man and nature.