Associazione Zenzero organizes workshops and awareness-raising events for children and young people dedicated to the theme of the environment.

These are initiatives that lead young people to learn more about the guidelines to be good citizens of our planet and, above all, to enhance a greater awareness both in their attitudes and those of others.

The workshops are suitable for an age range of 5 to 13 years, obviously with modulations based on age.


Kids are asked to bring their own plastic bottles: it is already a first gesture to affirm "this object is mine and I am responsible for it".

They are welcomed in a first moment of knowledge where some information is given on the importance of respecting the environment and performing a proper separate collection.

Then we move on to manual skills: the plastic bottle becomes an inhabitant of the seas! An octopus or a small fish is made by cutting and coloring the bottle and, in the meantime, we investigate more aspects of environmental education.

The end result is to understand how to shift from the refusal to value of an object that, at first sight, was useless.

«The Pag-licius family» is a nice family of fishes living in a beautiful ocean that ... is filling up with plastic! This is the intro of the story, written by an 11-year-old girl and donated to the Zenzero Association, which invites children to reflect on plastic pollution and its consequences

After reading the story, the children are invited to color the seascape they are given, so as to start a moment of reflection on the meaning of the short story and what we can do to prevent this from happening.


The aforementioned activities can be expanded by setting up a small photographic exhibition of Associazione Zenzero projects, which visually expresses what plastic pollution means.


The pictures are also suitable for a small audience and can become a temporary installation, should the school wish to host an association initiative on its premises or organize a meeting open to parents.

It is a show with no protagonists because all the participants are spectators and actors.

After a brief narration, a melody introduces a group of people to symbolize the fishes in the sea, but suddenly the sea is littered with plastic objects and bottles that catch and suffocate everybody.

It's time to intervene on the public part! Children are invited to free the fishes from plastic, taking them back to breathe and swim ... all together, because even children will dance and wallow in the sea to the rhythm of the music.

The animation ends with a contemplation on the importance of respecting the environment and being protagonists of good practices.


Associazione Zenzero is a non-profit organization that carries out all the activities thanks to the generosity of individuals, from those in public events to those in schools or in private places. Every activity involves the commitment of volunteers and the use of materials that, in any case, involve costs for the association. Therefore, a donation is always welcome to be able to continue our work of education and awareness.

Associazione Zenzero

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