The center of Kampala is now working at full speed: in a few months, the 20 women employed have acquired all the necessary skills and are producing tons and tons of eco-bales of recycled plastic!

The agreement with Coca Cola Uganda, which purchases all the bales produced by the center, allows the sustainability of the activity with a great benefit for the entire community.


The communities of collectors immediately organized themselves to clean the environment from plastic waste and, slowly, the first results began to show up.

Now, the goal is to expand the center by adding a shredder to the provided pressing machines, which would further optimize the activity.


This would mean being able to involve even more women and offer a greater benefit to the whole territory.


A challenge we want to win: together with you. You can support the center of Kampala with a donation: it's simple, click here!


Associazione Zenzero

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+41 91 985 2750

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