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Access to education is the first step in raising children, but it is also an essential and universal right. For this reason we are committed to guarantee school attendance to hundreds of children living in Ghana with numerous programs divided by age:


  • from 4 to 6 years old, with the first reception in the City of God school in Agbobloshie, organizing pre-school activities and bringing children closer to the knowledge of the alphabet and numbers;

  • from 6 to 13 years old, with the compulsory school cycle at the Accra Street School facilities and the Anmchara International School of Kaja-Sega.

Any help is important to purchase teaching materials, school uniforms, pay teachers, guarantee lunch and a snack every day: you can donate now!


Recognizing the importance of an academic path as complete as possible, we have established a strong collaboration with theUniversity of Accra, in Ghana, one of the largest universities in Africa hosting about 60,000 students. In this context we develop scholarships for women, sholding up the girls' studiesthrough the payment of university fees and help with the cost of teaching materials. It is a valuable opportunity to train students responsible for their role in society.

In addition, they are activatedmoments of distance learning with companies and communitiesto broaden horizons and knowledge, in a cultural and knowledge exchange of great utility.


The support of 1 annual scholarship is equal to 3,500 euros: ask how to be part of this educational project, by writing to:


Initiating young people to a job, to be aware of their abilities, to acquire the right spirit to face life, is a commitment that we make every day and is testified by the numerous girls and women who have jobs thanks to our help.


They are workers hired in the collection and recycling centers in Ethiopia and Ghana, agricultural laborers in the fields of Senegal, artisans in the center of Uganda: many stories that have found a smile and the possibility of a better quality of life.

Support professional training courses with a donation.

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For schools

For primary schools

  • "Recyclers" and "Tell and Colour" workshop

  • "Animambiente" show


For secondary schools

  • Meeting "Me and Sustainability"

Laboratori Associazione Zenzero

For companies

A wide range of purpose-built activities for companies has allowed us to build and consolidate long-lasting relationships of mutual support over the years.

  • Thematic workshops on sustainability.

  • Screening of the short film "Ethiopia: a daily fight for recycling" produced by Associazione Zenzero with subsequent debate

  • Photo exhibition on plastic pollution

  • Ad hoc events

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