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November 8th, 2019 


A charity night was held in support of Associazione Zenzero with the main aim of building the first plastic collection and recycling centre in Haiti in 2020: a powerful signal of rebirth for this country, close to the 10th anniversary of the devastating earthquake that destroyed the island.

It was with this desire in mind that the "There's no planet b" evening brought together friends and supporters of Associazione Zenzero in a setting of complete sustainability: the green corner invited participants to have their photo taken declaring their commitment to the environment; two dancers staged the struggle between plastic pollution and nature; and the entire location blossomed like a corner of the forest giving oxygen and vitality to the guests.

It was truly a special evening, enriched by the presence of Enrica Mannari, a versatile illustrator who gave a live artistic performance by drawing a naturalistic scene on the window inside the Palace Café.

The Associazione Zenzero's commitment will continue with increasing strength, knowing that it can bring work, hope and joy, for a more sustainable world in harmony between man and nature.


April 6th, 2019


We renew our gratitude to those who have expressed their support for our Association.


The fundraising evening of April 6th, 2019, organized as part of the "Samsung Open" tournament, has received numerous accessions that have made it possible to raise funds for the opening of new centres in Uganda.


It has expressed its support for our causes. Raja Bezzaz and several members of the staff of "Striscia la notizia" a famous italian show, actively participated in the evening, as well as Gianluca Impastato comedian of Colorado Cafè.