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Associazione Zenzero is present and intervenes where fundamental rights are trampled by violence, wars, famine and social unrest caused by the worst of humanity. In particular, it is close to the weakest groups, such as women and children, who are the first to suffer these atrocities and to see their life suffocated, if not even succumb to death.


Thanks to humanitarian and diplomatic action, we are able to relate quickly with Italian and international institutions, taking concrete action in the ongoing emergency.


We have rescued 50 people in the last humanitarian crisis in the country: entire families who were at great risk and now we are hosting them in communities located throughout Italy.


Reception management is an important factor in building a true integration in the area and, for this reason, we have activated language courses, professional training for adults, involvement activities with local communities.


Since April 2020 we have been supporting the new frailties arising from the pandemic, donating Groceries to families with children and the elderly who have seen their economic difficulties worsen. They are people who live near us and whom we help by bringing food and hygiene products.


You too can contribute to solidarity spending with a simple donation: no matter the amount, what is valuable is to do it with compassion. Choose to donate a shopping bag which, in addition to food, carries within the affection of an authentic and generous gesture.

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to families in the area
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