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The international volunteer camp is an experience where you live and work together with a group of participants for a period of 14 days. Various socially useful activities are supported depending on the day's programme, made up of study and cultural exchange, activities and games and sharing daily tasks, plus days dedicated to off-campus trips. The group is supported by a Camp Co-ordinator and local Chaperones and Educators.



During the volunteer camp the following activities will be developed:


  • educational workshops in the school children's classes;

  • group games and sports activities;

  • intercultural exchange meetings;

  • environmental education trip along the Volta River to the mouth of the Gulf of Guinea on the Atlantic Ocean;

  • cultural excursion to Accra to explore the Ghanaian capital;

  • support for the daily tasks of running the school.

The language spoken is English.

The detailed programme of activities will be marked before departure and may be subject to change and/or cancellation, provided that it remains relevant to the ultimate objective of the campus.

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