We are a non-profit association born in Lugano in 2015.

We try every day to do our best to improve living conditions in developing countries.

We strongly believe in protecting the environment and enhancing the human being. 

For this reason we carry out projects that have a strong environmental impact and that, at the same time, aim to create jobs in local communities.

Our goal is not only to do charity, but to train, educate and teach men and women to become an active part of the economic mechanism, so that they can independently provide for their livelihood and that of their children.

We are committed to promoting sustainable development and legality: orienting the individual towards critical and rational behavior on many aspects of everyday life, respect for the norms and principles of 'common living', environmental protection, safeguarding and use rationality of territorial resources.

Particular attention is paid to women, especially in those countries where their social role is not yet equal. Because they can gain a social status and the independence necessary for their condition as human beings.




Associazione Zenzero

CHE ‑ 471 . 271 . 649


+41 91 985 2750


SVIZZERA: Via Calprino 18, 6900 Pradiso 

COMO: Piazza Roma 1 - 22100

TORINO: Corso G. Sommellier 21 - 10128

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