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every page is a step.
Every step tells an emotion.

Develop a path of social responsibility by placing at the center of significant issues in the modern world:the promotion of the role of women, education and protection of the environment.


Merbag embraces these two universal values

and makes them authentic together with Associazione Zenzero


The book "Il Cammino di Venere" by Associazione Zenzero is now available: 55 stories about women who tell themselves by expressing significant facts, feelings and experiences of their lives.


A volume that brought to the surface episodes and reflections of girls, mothers, entrepreneurs, immigrants, from Italy to Ghana, from Congo to Switzerland, passing through Nigeria and other nations.


Faithful to the authentic spirit of women empowerment by Associazione Zenzero, this book must not be read but lived, embracing the journey of every woman told, taking her hand and supporting her in moments of difficulty but also smiling together with her for the joys and successes achieved.


There are stories that are beneficial to everyone: to women themselves who find a new friend with whom to share a piece of life, to men who have the opportunity to learn more about some facets of the female universe.

All the funds raised with the sale of the book will be used to support the projects aimed at the women of Associazione Zenzero.



>> You can already order your copy on Amazon <<



“Women are the alphabet of the social world”


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