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Even or odd?

Where are we with gender equality?

You can believe that progress has been made, that you are at a standstill or that there is a setback when addressing the topic of gender equality. It depends a lot on what point of view you look at the topic , what corner of planet Earth you are in, what historical-social moment the analysis is placed in. However, we can be certain of one thing: a lot is being done and we are moving in the right direction. It is clear that the path is long but the numbers support that the course is finally correct.

Girls playing basketball

The Gender Equality Index 2023, which evaluates and monitors the trend in gender equality in EU member countries, is 70.2 out of 100: a strong growth from year to year, also confirmed by the parameters on which this percentage is calculated . In fact, the GEI has numerous indicators that encompass the global sphere of women: work, money, knowledge, time, power, health, gender violence, just to name a few of the most important. Thanks to this in-depth analysis of the female universe and its relationships, we are able to formulate the EU average but also the ranking of the countries. And here we find Sweden, firmly in command with a score of 82.2, followed by Holland (77.9) and Spain (76.4) well behind. In any case, there is an upward convergence of almost all EU countries, albeit at different speeds. For example, Italy proves to be a country in strong recovery thanks to rapid improvements in the last period , moving from 21st place in 2022 to 13th in 2023.

The interesting aspect of GEI 2023 is also the interdependence with the theme of just and equitable ecological transition, a unique opportunity to create greater integration and equality in matters of sustainability. There are vital and strategic sectors that pose challenges for full inclusiveness , let's think of energy and transport: it is also in these fields that we need to be a present and active, concrete and reliable voice, to increasingly improve gender equality. Raising awareness on equality in the green universe also means, and above all, placing emphasis on all those realities, mainly concentrated in developing countries, which continue to suffer exploitation in the name of innovation: an absurd conceptual and propaganda oxymoron . This is where we need to intervene strategically and to a greater extent with real initiatives and concrete policies.

Equality and parity are constitutive values of the human being: compromises cannot be made. This is the direction that society and the planet themselves ask of us: to continue to be positive actors of change, of authentic resilience, of equality for all.



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