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with Africa

Since 2015 we have been carrying out sustainable projects in the areas of education, safeguard of women's rights and environmental protection. For a fair society and planet.


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Paesi in cui è attiva Associazione Zenzero.png
Una donna che lavora la plastica PET in un centro di riciclo

"Plastic is now my wealth"


for the future

Education sets me free

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Find out how to become a supporter of Associazione Zenzero and show your solidarity towards our projects of female empowerment and environmental protection in developing countries and in the local area.

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Volunteering Camp

The international volunteer camp is an experience where you live and work together with a group of participants in Africa for a period of 14 days.

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Cipolle primaverili

"Cultivate Africa


the Future"



Busta della spesa

"No person, adult or child, should be left without anything on the table"

Hey Muzungu

Hey Muzungu is the friendly greeting that African children and women give us when we meet them.
It is Swahili and means 'Hello, white man'. They say it with affection and for them it means friendship and trust.

Hey Muzungu is the fundraising campaign for the expansion of the recycling centres.

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Hey Muzungu slogan di Associazione Zenzero
Il cammino di Venere libro.jpg

Every page

is a step.

Each step tells an emotion

The book is availble

"Il cammino di Venere" by

Associazione Zenzero


Una donna e una bambina nei centri di riciclo della plastica di Associazione Zenzero



" We were in great difficulty after our husbands lost their jobs... "

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Ethiopia Daily fight for recycling.png
Daily fight for recycling


Watch the trailer

of the documentary receiving awards worldwide! Directed by Luigi Baldelli and produced by Associazione Zenzero

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